SuzanneSeems like I have always collected rocks and shells. Mother Nature’s creations fascinate me.

I did not train as a gemologist nor did I take a metal smith class. Actually, I am a ceramicist and a student of art history as well as a proponent of exercising and nurturing the creative spark that flickers inside us all. I call on the basic elements of art – color, texture, shape and line – to compose artful jewelry that celebrates you.

I have been creating these statement pieces for ten years. Taught by my sister Jennifer, I started with necklaces for myself and eventually designed jewelry to coordinate with an exquisite line of couture level clothing.

Bolstered by customer encouragement, I increased my production and expanded my offerings to launch STRANDS from a small studio south of San Francisco in Redwood City, California.

Ordinary can be found in the department store. I aim for the extraordinary, whether it’s the materials themselves or the ways in which I align them. Ultimately, my works come to life when you wear them to express your very best self.  Expect to be complemented!